Meet our team

It is said that employees are key to the success of each institution. We are extremely proud of our employees.

Led by the desire to thrive and continue improving in their field, employees of the Adult Education Institution Dante are always coming up with new ideas, projects and activities, as well as actively participating in them. We are proud to work with teachers and staff who are accomplished, qualified, experienced and dedicated to their jobs.

It is extremely rewarding to work in such a positive and stimulating environment, in which both compliments and criticisms are accepted, and whose team members are always creative, cheerful, and professional.

There is still a long way ahead of us, but we hope to continue growing both as human beings and professionals who love their jobs and are dedicated to achieving our aims and aims of the Institution.


Andrej Marušić – Principal


Petra Katana – Voditelj projekta, tajnica



Lucija Justić Mrakovčić

Antonela Marjanušić

Siniša Smiljanić


Tanja Slaviček Kamenar

Milana Kovačević Miškić


Ana Štokan


Antonela Marjanušić

Siniša Smiljanić