In 2009, the Adult Education Institution Dante formed a department for European projects which frequently responds to calls and submits proposals for various projects and receives funding from the European Union for approved projects. The funds are used to improve the teaching quality and to supply the classrooms with modern technology in order to ensure the best quality of teaching for our current and future students.

In 2011, the Adult Education Institution Dante was the first Institution in Croatia granted to host contact seminars, professional trainings, visits and mobilities, to establish partnerships and to organise study visits for all employees of adult education institutions from EU countries, EU candidate countries and EFTA members.


Category - EU Projects

22. March 2019.

Projekt HEADS-UP u Virginiji

20. February 2019.

CHIC IN ACTION – 1. newsletter

29. January 2019.

Projekt ENGAGE u Irskoj

24. January 2019.

Projekt e-trainers u Latviji

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