The course is aimed at teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs), teacher trainers, career coaches, and heads of education institutions. During this course, participants will gain insight into and have the opportunity to practice multiple conflict management models. They will analyse their role in managing conflict as well as common sources of conflict to successfully resolve conflict situations.

By understanding the effect of communication styles in conflict situations, participants will work on enhancing their communication skills in the workplace, addressing, and managing conflict to ensure they maximise individual and team performance.

The participants will also have the possibility to network and share experiences with other European colleagues.


After completing the course, participants will have/be able to:

  • analyse multiple conflict management models and styles
  • identify their conflict styles
  • analyse and identify common sources of conflict
  • analyse the role of communication styles in conflict situations
  • use different conflict management strategies and language to resolve conflict
  • use well-known conflict resolution tools
  • use active listening techniques
  • analyse and use different feedback methods
  • meet colleagues from other European countries, share experiences and examples of good practice



Day 1:

  • presentation of the training institution, trainers, and participants
  • introduction to the programme
  • the triangle of conflict
  • common sources of conflict

Day 2:

  • conflict management models
  • the Thomas–Kilmann Conflict Mode instrument
  • conflict management strategies

Day 3:

  • importance of communication styles
  • basic behavioural styles and conflict prevention
  • use of persuasive language to resolve conflict

Day 4:

  • evaluating conflicts and determining resolution
  • viable solutions for resolving problems
  • conflict resolution tools

Day 5:

  • listening skills and open communication
  • active listening techniques
  • feedback methods
  • closing and evaluation of the course


  • teachers (pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs)
  • teacher trainers
  • career coaches and counsellors
  • heads and managers of education institutions

Course dates:


10/06 – 14/06/2019

17/06 – 21/06/2019

24/06 – 28/06/2019

10/06 – 14/06/2020

17/06 – 21/06/2020

24/06 – 28/06/2020

01/07 – 05/07/2019

08/07 – 12/07/2019

01/07 – 05/07/2020

08/07 – 12/07/2020

26/08 – 30/08/201926/08 – 30/08/2020
02/09 – 06/09/201902/09 – 06/09/2020


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