All courses take place over a period of 5 days (5 working days + 2 travel days).

Course dates:

10/06 – 14/06/2019

17/06 – 21/06/2019

24/06 – 28/06/2019

10/06 – 14/06/2020

17/06 – 21/06/2020

24/06 – 28/06/2020

01/07 – 05/07/2019

08/07 – 12/07/2019

01/07 – 05/07/2020

08/07 – 12/07/2020

26/08 – 30/08/201926/08 – 30/08/2020
02/09 – 06/09/201902/09 – 06/09/2020

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Adult Education Institution Dante
Address: Pomerio 23, Rijeka, Croatia
PIC number: 947034281
phone: 00385 51 321 336

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Course fee: EUR 450
The course includes preparation for the course, training and working materials, administration costs,
and organisational costs.
The course fee must be paid 45 days prior to the start of the course.
Cancellation charges: EUR 350.

Upon completion of the course, each participant will be awarded a certificate of attendance, together – if requested – with a Europass Mobility Certificate.
If the participants’ education institution requires any additional documents to certify the competences learned, we can provide those documents upon request as well.

Course follow-up
All materials, activities, and handouts used in the course will be available for download in a shared Google Drive folder.
The trainers will also be available for online communication after the course is finished.

Funding opportunities
Our training courses are tailored to be funded by the Erasmus+ Programme.
For any help with the KA1 application process, do not hesitate to contact us at

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About Dante
The Adult Education Institution Dante was founded in 1991 and it offers a variety of regional and
international adult education workshops, courses, and programmes for foreign language learning, teacher training, transferable skills training, entrepreneurship and management training, as well as language and vocational courses for migrants.
Dante has considerable experience in international cooperation and partnerships, carrying out European projects since 2009. Dante has participated in the Lifelong Learning Programme, the Erasmus+ Programme (KA1 and KA2 projects) and the European Social Fund. Dante also became an ordinary member of the European Association for the Education of Adults (EAEA) in 2017. Dante has hosted and organised numerous international meetings, training events, and conferences
related to adult education.
Our teachers and teacher trainers have numerous years of experience participating in professional development programmes in Croatia and abroad.
Our courses are maximally adapted to participants’ needs; they offer practical ideas and activities as well as the chance to discuss and network with other European colleagues.

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